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16 Feb 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 day #3 Outfit

Hello readers, this time I'll write about Indonesia fashion week 2013
What you are also lovers of fashion world?
well this time I will introduce the biggest fashion event in Indonesia is Indonesia fashion week 2013
I'm very happy to be attending the largest event in Indonesia
I met a lot of great designers in Indonesia
Here a lot of booths, ranging from mens wear, womens wear, wears hijab, fabric etc.
many of the fashion bloggers who sangta inspiring talented Indonesia
This time I'm wearing tiger print t-shirt from Wellborn company and wearing leopard print jacket
because Indonesia fashion week must also love products made in Indonesia
I memakain boots made ​​in Indonesia which is very cool and comfortable to wear.
but unfortunately, I can be an invitation to a fashion show, because I was late registering.
but I'm still very excited to attend this event

 For More Info for Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Parramatta eels snapbcak from New Era Fits // Tiger Print Tshirt from Wellborn Company // Leopard Print Jacket From Hongkong //Topman Blue Jeans From Topman // Black Boots From Pakalolo
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Raf Simons x Fred Perry Spring/Summer 2013 Men’s Lookbook

Photo Credit By: Fred Perry website

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11 Feb 2013

Hang Out in The chinese New Year

 Hey good evening, this time I'll post my writings.
hangout is a part of our lifestyle
yeah, because I really likes to hangout
Yesterday I hung out with my 3 friends icha, kiki, irfan
First, the profit to pay my college administration
after that we went to the mall near my campus
Taman Anggrek mall
Our photo box there, then we to central park for hunting
yes, post before I took the photo in central park
oh yes, we could have spent a hang out out of the house

could be up for hours. because it is very exciting!!!
btw,yesterday is chinese new year and lunar new year
central park mall held a sale
I'm interested in the brand pull and bear, with a very interesting sale
maybe soon, I will post the outfit with a brand pull and bear

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8 Feb 2013

All expressions reveal [Featuring wellborn Company ]

hello!!! now I'll post my outfit
I'm very happy because I can post the outfit again
because this week I was busy with school exams
This time I'm going to use a product made ​​in Indonesia
Wellborn company, the first I saw of the design is very cool and different from other
now I wear astro zombies, oh yes I did get this product for free because I won the quiz! : p
Wellborn company was having a 20% discount on all products!
grab it fast!!!
and if you see a hat that I use?
was handmade my own: p

//D.I.Y Studded and spiked hat//Astro Zombie From wellborn company//Burberry Yellow Jacket//Topman Jeans from TOPMAN//Zip red icon From Converse//
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hi my blog readers, if you already know the latest collection of one of the world's fashion brand 
H&M? recently issued his latest collection in summer 2013
I really liked one of the biggest brands in the world

for get this look,cliclk here

but unfortunately H&M does not have any stores in Indonesia
whereas, many fashion lovers in Indonesia waiting for H & M
BUT ! I read in one news that H & M will open
first outlet in Indonesia, I was very pleased to read it hopefully
H & M soon to open stores in Indonesia :)

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7 Feb 2013

Tommy Hilfiger Denim Spring/Summer 2013 Men’s Lookbook

hi my blog readers I'm back with my latest post this time.
I will discuss one of the famous brands in the world of Tommy Hilfiger Denim Spring / Summer 2013 Men's mid-2012 until this year denim is still in demand by fashion enthusiasts all over the
 world especially among men, because it looks more simple and casual
Tommy Hilfiger denim lovers can answer all over the world with their new collections, 
let's look lookbook from Tommy Hilfiger

yeah, it is the latest collection from Tommy Hilfiger if you want to shop from the lookbook click here or visit the nearby shops. 
Thank you so much!!!  
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