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29 Oct 2013

Trouble Maker

Hello friend,how are you guys ? 
I'm back. sorry for lately blog post,now i'm busy with my homework and a lot activity that made very busy
and then i am facing middle term exam this month

Weirdo face LOL XD

89 jerssy from Topman- // Jacket from thrift store // Slim Fit Jeans from Zara // Brown Shirt From Topman // Creeper Shoes From Avelaibles //

23 Apr 2013

Have a Cliché

finally, after my exams I can write and post on my blog. how are you all? I hope you are fine :) and this is a photoshoot, this time I took this photo at a location of one of the theme park in Jakarta. I want to use my holiday be best utilized. how do you think about my tee with a picture of "king of pop"?  I hope you like it :)) very cool and I mix with DIY Acid Washed Jeans! (Bleached)?


// DIY Acid Washed Jeans (Bleached) // The Jackson Tee from Hardware // Unbranded Camouflage short pants // New Balance 457 Sneakers //

Photo Credit By: Fransiska Regita

3 Apr 2013

Life As a Floating Weed

yeah. I came back ready to post blogs
how are you guys? sorry I'm late to post blogs,because now
I'm exam, too busy this month too many activities.
so, I would not be too much on the blog, for just this april

I really like my new tee from nudie very comfortable to wear
and very cool, do you like the tee I wear? I hope so xoxoxo

looks like a geeky face >.<

// Eyewear Man from Nudie // Slim Fit Jeans From Zara // Shoes from Nike //

20 Mar 2013

How To Shop Easily And Safe

Good Night my reader, how are you guys? hehehe This night I will take the theme of the online shop
 let's talk about online shop. in modern times such as the time a lot of people who shop all their needs via the Internet such as fashion, sports, electronics, health and beauty, automotive, etc. in Indonesia shopping online is becoming a trend. because it is simple and more efficient because it doesn't need to go to the shopping center. even now people are more interested in shopping online but, it's not as easy as there are some people who are scared and they don't know how to buy via online shop. like, afraid to be deceived, it is difficult to make payments, and others. 

don't be afraid, because now there is one website that is dskon
dskon is one of the websites in the field of online shop, as the biggest online shopping portal in Indonesia with a variety of local and international brand products, online shopper can also find your favorite products. also a trusted online shop and many high quality products and the price is guaranteed, online shopper can shop easily and without fear of being fooled safe let paranoid 
why so interesting ? and different from other online shop online? because dskon also give ratings to all products in the group buying is in dskon. Starting from a collection of various product or service, method of payment and shipping options, customer service information, even down to shipping regulations. In addition, for more info about dskon or want to shop easily and safe dskon is the answer! 

make it easy,enjoy your shopping from fashion portal dskon (here and happy shopping !!!

With a simple website and makes it easy to choose the product


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13 Mar 2013

When I Call Your Name

I've always been very interested in clothes made ​​of denim, very cool and simple
combines black jeans and hommer the simspon looks very simple to use walk in the city
this time it took place at one mangrove forest in jakarta
the place is very beautiful and a lot of overgrown plants maggrove

//Hommer tees from Cool Teen//DefJam Hoodie From GCdenim//Slim Fit Jeans From Zara//Twinkle Star Sneakers from Nike//G Shock Watch//

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